Wednesday, January 16, 2013

How To: Macro Bubbles

© 2013 Heidi Chouinard

© 2013 Heidi Chouinard

© 2013 Heidi Chouinard

What You'll need:

  • clear glass cup
  • 100mm Macro Lens
  • tripod
  • dish soap
  • olive oil
  • a flat colorful surface
  • plenty of light

To start, make sure to find a spot that has plenty of natural light coming in. 
Set up your camera, tripod and settings. I used  f/stop 5.6 with my ISO set at 100 and a shutter speed of 1/6 of a second. I also had my timer set for 2 seconds, to reduce any camera shake. 
Fill the glass with some water and place cup over a flat colorful surface, or any type of flat surface you would like. I used one of my husbands Engineering text books, hehe, it has quite the colorful cover. 
Add a couple drops of dish liquid and then olive oil to your glass of water, and your ready to go crazy with picture taking! 

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