Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Merry Christmas!

May your Christmas be filled with peace and joy, and wishing you a Happy New Year! xo

Friday, December 13, 2013

Which face do you prefer?

Cat Love

I really miss having a cat around. Growing up, always having a cat in the house, is quite difficult to break(cats really like my husband, and love to make him stuffy to the point of barely breathing-antihistamines only go so far). 

I've been going through cat withdrawals-I need a good dose of cat. I particularly want this cat. I mean, look at him....that round face; those eyes, nose, wittle mouth. The stare, all the cuddles....sigh...maybe one day they'll come up with a scientific break through for cat allergies. A girl can be hopeful. :) Oh! I almost forgot one of the best parts of this cat...his name, is...get ready for it...Pompon. Okay, maybe I'm the only one who thinks that name is awesome-quite fitting though, don't you think? This cat=perfection.

Happy Friday everyone! xo

Sunday, December 8, 2013

All Cozy

Hope everyone has been having a lovely weekend! 
My winter knits are all finished and have been keeping me nice and warm.
The 'infinity scarf' turned out to be more a cowl...I ran out of yarn...that's ok though-I don't mind. The important thing is that it keeps me cozy and warm...and that it does. ;)

Monday, November 25, 2013

Winter 'Selfies'

Hi! Hope all is well with everyone! Sorry for the delay on the knitting update! 
My selfish knits are on their way....I have already been wearing my mitts for the past couple weeks, and had finished my hat for the -20 weather. I am anxious to get the chunky, blue infinite scarf done-it's going to be so cosy! I'm doing the scarf in the brioche stitch, which I love-it creates a thick, warm, stretchy fabric.
The hat took forever...I knitted it in 1x1 ribbing on size 3's...and then towards the end realized I wasn't going to have enough of the MC to finish with, so I decided to use the left over yarn from the mitts, and I actually really like the outcome a lot. 
{A side note}: When I was in the yarn shop searching for the fibers and colors I wanted, I almost went with a rose-pink for the scarf...I'm glad I took my time and chose the blue....but I still kinda wish I had a pink infinite scarf....maybe next year?? I'm so attracted to the color pink. It seems the older I get though, the less likely I am to take a bold color choice regarding my wardrobe. Is that normal? 

In case you're interested here is the free pattern for the infinite scarf, (or as they call it: 'wrap/cowl') I'm knitting my scarf on size 7's rather than 9's. 
If you have a Ravelry account, here is the free pattern for the mitts. I chose to knit mine in the classic and lovely garter stitch. 

For those of you who are curious about the large stuffie that I still have in the works...I haven't forgotten about it. It's just taken the back burner for the time being. Priorities-making sure I survive my second winter in Canada. :P  

Monday, November 18, 2013

Canada, My New Home

It's been a long year of patience, patience of the unknown, but today the sun broke through the clouds, (literally...for a short bit, hehe) it is official, I'm a permanent resident of Canada! {Sigh} What. a. day. I tell yah-such a relief. Some big changes are in store, a new start. I now can apply for my health card, and SIN(equivalent to a social security number). I can start job hunting, possibly as early as next week! 
I can't explain this overwhelming feeling of joy, and gratefulness that I am feeling. I am one happy girl. :D 

Cheers! To new beginnings! xo 

Wednesday, November 6, 2013


Hey!! Sorry for the MIA! It's been a busy few weeks. I just got back from the prairie lands-It was such a great visit helping my sister-in-law out with the babes and kiddies. Hehe, got lots of snuggles in, and lots of sweet-yummy baby smell...mmmm, seriously, there is nothing like the smell of a newborn baby. Yeah...I got a bit of the baby blues now. :P 
It was a wonderful time, that went by so incredibly fast...too fast. Mama and the babes are doing great! So thankful that everyone is healthy and doing well. 

During my busy visit, I still found time for some knitting. I made the twins each a pair of winter mitts. I meant to snag a picture of them to share with you, but I literally finished the last mitt the night before heading back home. With the rate those boys are growing, I hope the mitts last them through this winter! :P 

So, in Manitoba is gets much colder quicker than it does here in Ontario. I realized I need to scurry in knitting myself some warmer knits for this fast-approaching Canadian winter. Nope, I am still not used to the cold weather out here. I'm learning that the trick is all in wearing the proper gear before heading outside. I'm already half done with a pair of mitts, then a warmer hat, and, of course, a girl needs her, I think adding another warm cowl to my closet is very necessary(that will make a total of 2 cowls) not ridiculous, right? 

It's rare that I do any selfish knitting...I'm kind of excited...OK, a lot excited...I get to actually wear my finished product! Yay! 

Friday, September 27, 2013

I'm Grateful for...

Hi guys :) 

So you're probably wondering why I'm changing 'The Little Joys' to 'I'm Grateful for...'-let me explain a bit:

With 'The Little Joys',  my intent was always to share with you guys things that I am grateful for. It is helpful for me to re-asses my previous week, and remind myself how grateful I should be for the many blessings in my week. 
Now going back to 'The Little Joys'...For me, joy is more of a sentiment, rather than a feeling. Not to say that I don't have feelings of true happiness and content-cause that is very much the case when I am joyful. For instance, I find much joy in my faith-No matter what struggles and trials I face in life, I always have the option to face them with great joy. Easier said than done though, hey? I could go on, and on, but will keep it short. ;) 
So, with all that said, I think that the new title is more appropriate.
Does that all make sense? Ok...moving on. 

Oh, haha, by the way, that furry face is my sister's cat Olive, who I miss dearly...MMMM! <<<That's me squeezing her with my heart.

I'm Grateful for...

*God's grace and mercy

*Attending what was probably our last BBQ of the year, spending time with good company.

*Praying the Rosary

*My husband working from home more often

*My husband.

*Emails with my sister

*The opportunity to go help out my sister-in-law and her family, after the twins are born! I leave in a few weeks-so excited!

*All the lovelies in my all know who you are. ;)

*The cooler weather...ahhh...and the changing colors of the trees.

*The crunching of crisp leaves underneath my flip-flops...yup, that's right...I'm still wearing flip flops, and will for as long as I can. 

*Chocolate...need I say more?

*Spending quality time with the hubby, especially the time spent cooking together in the kitchen.

*Hmmm...I know there's much more...I'm having a hard time re-capping...see, even waiting two weeks, I'm having a hard time recalling what I should be grateful for. 

*Meeting some new people and chit-chatting with a fellow knitter

* A rubber whisk and a medium-sized sieve. 

*Going grocery shopping in the morning rather than the evening...let me tell you, I am truly grateful for this...going in the morning makes such a difference, and you get first pick of all the good meat on sale. 

What are you grateful for? Happy Friday! xo

Wednesday, September 25, 2013


Hello :) 
The latest stuffie is still in with every project, there are trials and errors. I have learned to not hate these trials so much-I'm very happy to have learned so much with my knitting throughout this past year, and am always learning new things!  I feel I have really grown as a knitter, and am excited to learn so much more! Ok, so I came to a point in this project where, what I had intended wasn't going to work...time to step back and asses the situation...brainstorming...thinking of a different technique...there's got to be another way. I watched a video on intarsia knitting......light Buuuulb. Ahhh, it's working out so much better! So, I have a couple different techniques going in this, Fair isle and intarsia...really is a whole other dimension in knitting, aaaand loving it. My dear husband has been very helpful with some of the technical aspects, and has imparted some creative ideas for this stuffie, that will result in a more 'toy-like' stuffie. Thank you my love! 

Nope, I haven't forgotten about 'The Little Joys' of this past week...will be posting a bunch of joys at the end of this week. And actually, I may be changing the title from 'The Little Joys' to 'I'm grateful for...'-I shall explain later on. 

Happy Wednesday! xo  

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

The Little Joys

Little Joys of Last Week>>>

*Praying the Rosary

*Morning coffee date with a dear friend 

*Skyping with loved ones

*Going plant 'looking' with the hubby...haha, our 'looking' turned into coming home with a small fig tree, and pilea aqua;also known as baby's tears. They are quite the lovely addition.

*Walking around the Glebe with my other half-one of my favorite parts of Ottawa. 

*Again with my other half, sitting on a bench next to the canal, people watching. 

*Making homemade onion rings...mmmm.

*Haha, the satisfaction of getting on the bus, and using a Presto card rather than tickets-much more efficient! 

*Received my new visitor's visa in the mail-Yay! Hopefully we receive approval of my permanent residency before I'm due to re-apply for a new visa. 

*Making some good headway on the new stuffie-we'll see how it comes out...if I'm not satisfied with the end result, I will have to unravel and re-asses things. :P

Hope everyone is having a wonderful week so far! xo

Thursday, September 12, 2013

My 'Man Cave'

Hi guys! Hope everyone is having a great week! 
I'm finally sharing my new space with you...I think it's safe to call it, my 'man cave', since it's where I spend most of my time. 
As you can see, I've been busy designing and knitting the new stuffie! I apologize for the little's impossible for things to all be put in it's spot when I'm in the middle of a project, hehe...which means, the majority of the time, it's not tidy at all.

Monday, September 9, 2013

Two Peas in a Pod

The surprise that I've been working on, for two peas that are in their mother's pod right now, is complete! I think these will make a perfect toy for ages 4-12mos.

Friday, September 6, 2013

The Little Joys...and an Update

Little Joys of this Week>>>

*Praying the Rosary

*Having my husband work from home a couple days this past week...ahhh, so lovely. 

*Still thoroughly enjoying my new studio space...hehe-I know, I know, I still have yet to show you pictures...soon, I promise! {Whisper tone: It's quite the mess right now}, as I am working on two projects at once. Yarn, needles, pencils, eraser shavings, and rulers, everywhere! 

*Being content

*Skyping with my dear Sarah. 

* a little sad though that the finale is next week. 

*A candle burning on a rainy day.

*Going on a nice long walk on this gorgeous Friday! Fall is in the air! :D I apologize if my excitement for the coming cold months offends anyone, sorry...haha, kind of...think of hot apple cider's and warm cosy sweater's, and the crisping of the leaves under your feet. Oh, and the yummy aroma's of pie's cooking in your home...that is if you like to bake, or live with someone who does...or you could just get a yummy apple pie, or pumpkin pie scented candle?

*I know a lot of my joys are repeated every week, but some of those joys I experience every week, so I still share them, as to give you the authentic joyfulness of my week, without any fake's. Don't worry, at some point in time, my little joys will be taking on a different season. ;) 

In regards to the update, as you can see in the picture above, I have gotten myself into a mess of a huge project. My husband is helping me with some of the technical's on this one! I'm designing a med-large sized stuffie that I will be adding to the collection for my Etsy shop. Super excited about this-I'm going to be working with colour work at a whole new level, that will be a first for me. We'll see how it goes, I'll for sure keep you guys in the loop!

Happy Friday! xo

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Knitted Toy Bug

Is there such thing as catching a 'knitted toy bug'? Well, I think I've come down with it. I can't stop making stuffies! I have so many ideas floating around. My husband had a share in the idea of the stuffie I'm currently working on. Hehe, I'm trying to keep it a surprise for one of my sister-in-law's, hopefully I didn't give too much of the surprise away in these photo's. Oops. This next sentence is intended for that sister-in-law. {Clearing throat} I have a feeling you've already guessed what  it is...:P Shhhhh.