Saturday, September 14, 2013

Trying to Stay Untangled


  1. Do you have a special technique for working multiple colours? I've been avoiding Fair Isle and such because I can't seem to keep my threads untangled! I came across this video demonstrating Peruvian two-colour knitting once, doesn't it just blow your mind?

    1. Hi friend!
      I don't really have a special technique-I'm quite new to fair isle knitting. I drop one color and pick up the next as I'm knitting, not cutting my yarn. When I pick up a new color, I usually have to untangle a bit, in order to prevent serious tangling. :P
      OHMYGOODNESS! Amazing. Thank you so much for sharing that video!So efficient-I love the how it's worked inside out...and the pining, for preventing tangling and perfect tension! Mind is blown indeed. Thanks again! I'm for sure going to try this technique.