Wednesday, September 25, 2013


Hello :) 
The latest stuffie is still in with every project, there are trials and errors. I have learned to not hate these trials so much-I'm very happy to have learned so much with my knitting throughout this past year, and am always learning new things!  I feel I have really grown as a knitter, and am excited to learn so much more! Ok, so I came to a point in this project where, what I had intended wasn't going to work...time to step back and asses the situation...brainstorming...thinking of a different technique...there's got to be another way. I watched a video on intarsia knitting......light Buuuulb. Ahhh, it's working out so much better! So, I have a couple different techniques going in this, Fair isle and intarsia...really is a whole other dimension in knitting, aaaand loving it. My dear husband has been very helpful with some of the technical aspects, and has imparted some creative ideas for this stuffie, that will result in a more 'toy-like' stuffie. Thank you my love! 

Nope, I haven't forgotten about 'The Little Joys' of this past week...will be posting a bunch of joys at the end of this week. And actually, I may be changing the title from 'The Little Joys' to 'I'm grateful for...'-I shall explain later on. 

Happy Wednesday! xo  

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