Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Knitted Toy Bug

Is there such thing as catching a 'knitted toy bug'? Well, I think I've come down with it. I can't stop making stuffies! I have so many ideas floating around. My husband had a share in the idea of the stuffie I'm currently working on. Hehe, I'm trying to keep it a surprise for one of my sister-in-law's, hopefully I didn't give too much of the surprise away in these photo's. Oops. This next sentence is intended for that sister-in-law. {Clearing throat} I have a feeling you've already guessed what  it is...:P Shhhhh.


  1. Gorgeous! I'm such a fan of the yarn I always see in your photos, they are beautiful colourways - care to share which yarn you are using? :)

    1. Hello Scout and Rice! How are you? :)
      Thank you dear. Oh, of course! The two type of yarns that I'm using,that you see in the photo's above are SHIBUI 100% superwash merino sock in Wasabi. The garter work in the top photo is 100% merino wool worsted in Green tea from Knitpicks.

    2. I'm great! Struggling with a project - I'm attempting my first cardigan without a pattern and the neckline is huge, ha.

      Loving the Shibui, I must try it soon.

    3. Great to hear! :)
      Oh wow-you're brave! Oh, haha, did you take measurements and check your gauge first?!