Friday, August 30, 2013

The Little Joys

Little Joys of this Week>>>

*Going out for dinner with a wonderful couple. 

*Praying the Rosary-gives me such peace, calm, and joy to everyday spend quality time with Our Most Blessed Mother and Lord, contemplating the depths of love that Jesus has for us.

*Enjoying my new studio space! I will share some photo's with you soon. 

*With the help of my hubby, got a great idea for a new stuffie toy to make for the upcoming twins in the family! Hehe, not only is the process very much enjoyable, but I also,  finally get to use my special Koigu sock yarn(I've had it for a couple years), that I've been dying to use for the longest time, and now have something worth using it for. Yay! It was worth the wait. ;)

*I really miss the ocean...but I do receive a certain degree of joy when I look back on pictures and memories that I have of it. I really do miss the smell of the thick salty air, the sounds of the crashing and receding waves. Ahhh...

*Sent out the little bear toy I just finished-am excited for my nephew to receive it! Hope he get's much snuggles out of it. 

*Keeping in touch with my loved ones-makes my heart so happy.

*Oooo, ooo! I've decided, tonight's taco night! Yum. 

*Receiving love and feedback in the comments that some of you post! In fact, I want to say thank you, to all my readers! Thank you for all your support-if it wasn't for you guys, this blog would be non-existent. So, thank you all very much-I receive much joy, and inspiration from all of you. XO

Happy Friday!

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