Thursday, August 22, 2013

Have you ever Helixed?

I wanted to incorporate some colored stripes on the limbs of this little I began, quickly finding myself stumped on how to make jogless stripes while working in the round(it's been a while). As I was watching a tutorial on how to make jogless stripes, there was a reference to another *striping technique* called, 'Barber pole knitting', also know as, Helix stripes. This technique only applies when working in the round, as the colors chase each other around in a spiral. I like that you're able to knit clean pin stripes, with as many colors as you'd like, however, your yarns can get tangled pretty quickly. As you can see, I only used this method on a very small scale(sorry I don't have a better example of what it looks like knitted up), but would love to try this on a larger scale...maybe an idea for a cowl for this winter??! I think yes!

Have you ever tried helix knitting before? If so, what have you made? Please share! :)


  1. Tiny scale?

    What about barberpole i-cord? (Ok, made this on a spool, and that was hard enough. I recommend at least one less strand of yarn than pegs)

    1. OH,indeed.Did you use an i-cord maker? Or knit the cord by hand? I can imagine knitting an i-cord using the helix technique, would be a little tricky...for sure best to use minimal colors. Thanks so much for sharing! :D