Friday, August 23, 2013

The Little Joys

Little Joys of this Week>>>

*Having a fun knitting week-love creating knitted stuffies. 

*Spending time in the kitchen, cooking and dancing with my much fun.

*Praying the Rosary. 

*Having the windows open...during the day, and getting a lovely cool-ish breeze come through. 

*Getting to skype with my sister-love and miss that girl, so much. 

*Getting to see my grandmother's sweet face over Skype. 

*Filling the house with the aroma of homemade pizza sauce that has been simmering for most the day. 

*Making homemade pizza dough, from scratch and it not being a total failure. should have seen the kitchen when I was in the middle of making the became so monsterly huge, that it was almost overflowing out of our commercial-sized food processor. The recipe said it was going to yield 1 large pizza...1...heh, more like 4 large pizza's. I have one in the fridge to make this weekend, and a couple in the freezer! Pretty good, I think. 

*This week is the 3 year mark of when the hubby and I met for the first time in person...ahhh, how blessed I thankful. I truly do love this man more and more as each day passes.

Have a great weekend guys! xo


  1. Heidi--you are so sweet!! love your blog and hope you and Steven are doing well. You look soooo happy!! And I am happy for you!! Marie

    1. Marie!! Thank you! So glad you're enjoying my blog. :) I am very happy! Miss you lots, and hope all is well with you! XXOO