Friday, August 16, 2013

The Little Joys

Hello everyone!! Goodness it has been awhile-My husband and I had a lovely couple weeks in Manitoba, visiting family, and attending a beautiful wedding. I have soooo many pictures, hehe...but will only share a few here today. :) 

Little Joys of this Week>>>Or in this case, Little Joys of 

the past few weeks!

*Spending quality time with family...which included lots of laughing.

*Getting to spend so much time around little blessed to have so many nieces and nephews.

*Getting to witness two very special people come together in the sacrament of marriage.

*The precious feeling of one of my nieces falling asleep in my lap in church---along with this precious feeling...getting to hold and sooth my newborn nephew. 

*The darnest things kids say...hehe, like: "Akward!", with the most impeccable timing and tone. 

*Picking...and eating, the most delicious raspberries on the planet!

*Conquering my fear of horses, by riding one for the first time-what a feeling I tell yah(riding a horse). 

*Coming home to only a couple dead grateful for the couple that was generous enough to water our jungle while we were gone. 

*Looking through the many photo's taken on our trip. 

*Getting to travel back home with my hubby, without having to travel separate ways. 

*There are much more little joys I experienced, but am going to keep some of those private. ;) 

Happy Friday! xo

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