Sunday, December 8, 2013

All Cozy

Hope everyone has been having a lovely weekend! 
My winter knits are all finished and have been keeping me nice and warm.
The 'infinity scarf' turned out to be more a cowl...I ran out of yarn...that's ok though-I don't mind. The important thing is that it keeps me cozy and warm...and that it does. ;)


  1. Looks great! It would be super snug under a nice big coat. :) Which yarn did you use, if you don't mind my asking? Every year I put off knitting myself a scarf even though I really need one!

    1. Thanks! It is super snug under my parka. :) Oh, of course-I used 'Diamond Luxury Collection-Fine Merino Superwash Aran'.
      I also usually put off knitting myself knits, but since living in Canada it's forced me to knit some essentials. It's totally worth NOT putting it off-go yarn shopping and start knitting your scarf! xo