Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Currently 'Clicking' Away

As much as I love neutrals, it's nice to be back working with color...especially these lovely muted ones. Every Smooshy that I make brings a new excitement of creativity, thinking of ways to make it as cute as it can be. 

Life has been feeling a little less chaotic---falling into a groove of juggling everything....hehe, at least for now. Even if I'm only able to pick up the needles and knit one or two rounds before bed, as long as the ball is still rolling{pun not intended}, it's not a knitting-fail day.

What knit/crochet project are you currently juggling with?!



  1. Love these yarns you work with, they have great stitch definition. :)

    I just finished writing a pattern for a great little seed stitch baby cardigan. I'm hoping to release it in a week or so. :) The next project is a pullover but I'm struggling to settle on some design elements, and I love that first cardigan so much I'm considering releasing a version for older kids.

    1. Thank you dear :)

      OH, how exciting! Oh yes, a seed stitch cardigan, I can imagine how beautiful it must be. I really love the look of seed stitch, but am not fond of knitting it. ;) Can't wait to see...send me the link when you share it with the world?!

    2. Sure! Will let you know when it's up. :)