Sunday, July 1, 2012

Fibers for the Artist in Me

I am not one for bright colors when it comes to my knitting. I tend to be drawn more towards neutrals and muted colors. This yarn I think brings out a little bit of the artist in me.  When I first spotted the yarn from Knit Collage I was in awe of all the colors and the random pieces of glittery things spun throughout it. 

© 2012 Heidi Chouinard 

© 2012 Heidi Chouinard 

So, Naturally I decided that I HAD to have some of this in my yarn stash. It would make a fun colorful cowl, or scarf. I am not yet sure what I am going to make out of it.  Originally I had purchased different colors, but overtime was not liking what I had picked. The yarn shop I purchased this yarn from graciously let me exchange for different colors, even after the previous skeins were already rolled up in yarn balls. Thank you Jill! :) 

© 2012 Heidi Chouinard 

You can find out more about Knit Collage yarns here. :)

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