Monday, October 29, 2012

Saffron Skirt & Storm Sandy

Hi! I hope everyone who is being affected by hurricane Sandy is staying safe! As for me, it is an excuse to stay in and get some stuff done. 
Sad to say, that because of the storm I wasn't able to go help out Misha and Puff for the last time today, but on the plus side, as many of you may already know, I am getting married in two weeks!!! I am so ready and so excited! :D  

During this past week, with much a challenge I did get the skirt done for Misha and Puff!

© 2012 Heidi Chouinard

I would have taken more pictures if I wasn't in such a rush to mail it out this morning. This piece was challenging in the sense that I had a week to get it done, while I was super busy, and I had to frog a couple of times, but you know what, I wouldn't have changed it. I learned a lot and grew patience with my knitting I never thought I had.  

In the next coming couple of months I am going to be working on coming up with my own baby/toddler knit designs, so stay tuned! :) 

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