Saturday, March 30, 2013

Pom Poms

Pom, poms. Truly is an art form, at least I think so. Seriously. Last night, as I was watching different tutorial videos and trying my hand at making tiny pom poms, found myself quickly surrounded by little strands of yarn and fuzzys eeeverywhere. To say the least, I was having much trouble, and getting frustrated that I was wasting yarn and not able to make a proper, secure pom pom. With a little bit more practice and perseverance(I know...a little dramatic) and my husbands help(getting the center extra tight and secure), I had a few semi-perfect pom poms made. Not bad, hey? I am beginning to enjoy the process of making these tiny, fiber filled balls, wanting to make a ton! I especially like the 'hair cutting' part. Efficiency-wise, I may invest in a mini pom pom maker. Then I can really pump some out! 

Hope all is enjoying their Easter weekend! Happy Easter! :D

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