Thursday, May 23, 2013

A Weekend of Adventures

It feels like summer is already here! The hubby and I spent the weekend with some great company at a friend's cottage. It was a lot of fun. Following the weekend, we were supposed to go camping, but that fell through. We showed up at the camp site, got everything set up, began roasting hot dogs over the this point the sky became ominous, and all the frogs and crickets became silent. A great gust of wind pushed through, blowing the fire towards the hammock! Thank God for the emergency pot of water, that we threw to put out the fire. Then the torrential down pour began-we quickly picked up some of our things and took cover in the car. Sitting in the car eating our dinner(at least the hot dogs were finished cooking), we made the decision it would be best to head back home, as the storm was going to continue into the night and be crummy weather the remainder of our stay. So, we braved the rain, got out of the car, took down the tent, re-packed everything as quickly as we could, and hit the road. We had a 9 hour drive ahead of us. Our adventure wasn't over, instead it got a little more interesting. Driving all night after we had been driving all afternoon??? I was pretty confident about staying up all night driving, as I had worked the grave yard shift for a few years. Well. To my surprise, at about 3am, I became completely incapable of driving. Between being car sick, and my body wanting sleep so badly, my eyes weren't able to focus on anything on the road. It didn't help, that at that hour, the only vehicles on the road besides us were Mack trucks. We talked to each other for hours, keeping each other awake. The hubby pulled through, and got us home safely! It's never felt so good to walk through that front door of our home. Finally, time to slip into the bed that had been calling my name since 1:00am. 
It is a little bit of a bummer that we didn't get to go camping, as we were so looking forward to it, especially since we hadn't gotten to go camping the year before, but we made the best out of it. It for sure was an unforgettable adventure making memories. :)

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