Friday, July 12, 2013

The Little Joys

Little Joys of this Week>>>

*If I still lived near the ocean :(... I'd add, toes in the sand for one of the joys of the week. This little joy is one of my all time favourites.

*A cold shower on a sweat-dripping hot day.

*Getting my hair chopped off...about 8" of it! So refreshing! No...I don't miss my long hair...yet. 

*Praying the Rosary with my husband.

*Prepared lime-chicken tacos, that tasted so good.

*The humidity has gone down this past week, resulting in perfect summer weather.

*Master Chef! (need I say more?) 

*The laughter shared between my Jellybean and I. Oh, 'Jellybean' is the endearing nickname that my husband and I share. 

What are some joys of your week?! Happy Friday! xo

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