Friday, January 10, 2014

This Little Pig came all the way to Canada

Isn't she adorable?! I've given her the name, Isabella. She is a gift from my sister, lovingly handmade by Regina from  Oh, albatross. Carefully hand-sewn with great attention to detail, her work is a lovely mix of vintage and whimsical.

I love how thoughtful she is with her packaging- adding little odds and ends. 
Upon opening the package, Isabella was wrapped in a vintage sewing pattern. Also in the box was a couple of BINGO cards, along with a couple of definition tabs(I'm not sure what they are called), an old photo( I think it's two young men sitting in front of a school? Or maybe a library? I like the mysteriousness of it...see the squirrel? I presume, is eating an afternoon snack, hehe.), and a note from my sister, hand written by Regina on an old library index card. 

So, if you love vintage items, and have a spot in your heart for high-quality handmade stuffed animals, I highly recommend checking out Regina's shop on Etsy. You can also find her blog here, which is full of such clever cuteness, and eye candy photos.

Okay, now I have to rave about Isabella. First off...she's pink. Although I am a person of neutrals and muted colors, I'm in fact, a secret lover of the color pink. Oh, and boy is she pink, eh? I love it. She adds a nice pop to all the neutrals around me. Don't you just adore her dainty tail? And her lovely scarf...and that snout. She adds happiness to my work space. I can't help but smile when I look at her. 

Thank you Melissa!

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