Thursday, January 30, 2014

Learning to Juggle

Hi! It feels like forever since my last post! With transitioning into some new changes, it's resulted in some temporary jumbled-ness. They are good changes. :) 
After a long year of not working I am back to it! It feels great! I am so grateful to God for opening up such a door of opportunity. God is good. We also got a brand new car-yippee

So we are almost getting into the swing-of-things. I have to admit, I have barely touched my knitting since I started work(knitted a few bobbles here and there). Once I adjust to my normal work schedule, I will learn to juggle my knitting...and focus on setting up the Etsy shop soon!! 

Check out the sweater colour combination for my next Smooshy. Any ideas of what it's going to be? 



  1. Congratulations on the new job!

    The colours have a bit of a woodland theme to them. :)

    1. Thanks Scout and Rice!
      Hehe, indeed they do...I think it's safe to say that this Smooshy is going to be 'woodland''ll have to see for yourself! ;)
      Hope all is well with you! xo

    2. All is good with me. :) I am teaching myself to write patterns, which as it turns out is far more complicated than I expected! I think I will start a blog of my own soon. :)

    3. Nice! Are you writing written patterns? Or chart patterns? Yes!! Be sure to let me know when you start your blog-I want to follow! :)
      Good to hear from you!

    4. Written patterns so far, but I imagine some charts will be inevitable down the track. I purchased Faina Goberstein's Craftsy class on grading knitwear patterns, have you heard of it?

      (gah, sorry about the long link)

      It's been a great help to get a sense of how measurements translate into stitches, how to work out rates of decreases over a certain number of rows, etc. :) It also gives a lot of tips for how to use excel for grading, so you aren't doing it by hand.

    5. No I haven't heard of it, thanks for sharing! It sounds like it could be very helpful-I'm going to check it out.
      Good for you! Are you going to be selling your patterns at some point?
      I would love to see some pictures of your knits!