Monday, April 30, 2012

Monday Update

Last night I came up with a sketch that is still in the works...

graphite on Bristol smooth paper
© 2012 Heidi Chouinard

I have some color combinations brewing that I am eager to add! I hoping to finish it today. 
On the knitting end I am working on a baby blanket for my 'Hope Chest'.

© 2012 Heidi Chouinard

The stitch I am using is the Herringbone stitch, which I am really loving!

© 2012 Heidi Chouinard

© 2012 Heidi Chouinard

These are the colors I am using for the stripes...

© 2012 Heidi Chouinard

My next color stripe is the blue one, which I am super excited about! I would have to say that the colors I chose for this blanket is coastal inspired. I love the earthy tones with the muted blue. 
Have a great day! Back to work for me. :) 

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