Saturday, June 9, 2012

Gourmet Inspired

Oh, how I depend on inspiration. I really do not like the times that I am not feeling inspired, it always feels like when that happens my passion and creative energy is sucked right out of me. Sometimes the I do not find inspiration, but instead IT has finds me! Beth Doherty's Amigurumi creations is one of those. She has taken the Art of Amigurumi to another level.

I love when I see someones work and am utterly fascinated by their talent.  I have never seen plushys like this before. They are truly unique and striking. I like the sweet melancholic look that her creations have. I find her work to be flawless. She takes great care to all the details in her sweet little plushy's. I also love her use of color, especially in this little lamb above. I could so see this sitting on a dresser in a baby's nursery. 
On her blog, 'GourmetAmigurumi', she shares tips and techniques for Crocheting your own Amigurumi, as well as sharing the creative process in her construction of these little characters.

You can purchase patterns and completed plush toys at Beth's Etsy shop, here.

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