Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Day Dreaming by the Campfire

I've been day dreaming and for real dreaming a lot about camping lately. One of my favorite things about summer. Camping,  I think,  is a great way to make lasting memories. It's where I met my husband for the first time, in person. Oh? I never told you that wonderful story? I'll save that one for another time. 
Oh, how I love it, from setting up the tent, cooking and relaxing by the cozy fire-being mesmerized by the flickering flames, canoeing, hammock time...the list could go on. Camping is about the only time where I don't mind being dirty. I have to admit, as many times I've gone camping, I still get scared at night while trying to fall asleep in the tent, hearing the sounds of animals, rustling leaves, and breaking twigs. I guess some things never change. :P   
Stephen and I have plans to go camping a couple times this summer...I can't wait! 

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