Monday, April 29, 2013

Succulent Herbs


Rosemary, Oregano, and Thyme, basking in the sun. On Saturday we went looking for herbs, which were hard to come by, but found this bucket trio. It seemed to have been a little roughed up, so we've decided to hold off a week, before separating and potting them. 
We strolled around the garden section at Home Depot, and found a few nice things. There was a bunch of strawberry plants! Stephen came up with the idea to have a windowsill box full them. Great idea, right! However, we came to find out that they weren't the crawling kind, so we are going to wait on the strawberries. We did find a couple more planters, in white and one in teal. It'll be all white with a pop of blue!
I'm a sucker for, we came home with a little one-it's called 'Hens and Chicks'.
And, of course, I can't go a weekend without some knitting. I started a pair of hedgehog mitts in Wild Blackberry. 

Happy Monday! :)

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