Sunday, April 21, 2013

Thrifty Kitchen

The hubby and I are going to be setting up an herb garden in the kitchen! Instead of having the herbs all in one windowsill pot, we've decided it would be different to have the them in separate, unique pots. This weekend we went looking around for some potting ideas, and found a few neat things at a 'Value Village'(similar to a 'Salvation Army'). A place like that has so many kitchen ceramic/glassware, that can be used as little plant holders! It also can be much cheaper than planter pots, and more interesting. I was tickled with all the retro kitchen stuff from the 80's...haha, so tacky, but love it. 
I have a picture in my mind of a couple shelves with mostly white ceramics with a pop of some color...I did find a pretty, blue crystal candy dish that would have been a lovely addition, however, it wouldn't have been ideal for any the herbs(being that it was clear). That's ok, maybe we'll find our pop of color next weekend when we go get the herbs.  :) 
Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend!

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